Born and raised in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Stroud is and always will be my home. I spent a long period of my life figuring out what I wanted to do. Working as the Operational and Production Co-ordinator for a tech start up in London, I can some what say my job was stressful. Under immense pressure on a daily basis I rejoiced when I could get behind a camera. To document the world as it passed by, capturing the rich history and culture of London, from street photography and landscape too food and portraits my passion for photography engrossed me. 

One area that always interested me was wedding photography.

Luckily a very close friend had taken up wedding photography as a full time profession, he invited me to join him as a second photographer and I knew from that moment what I needed to do. I planned my exit meticulously from the job in London and travelling back to the Cotswolds to pursue the career that I’ve always have an innate passion for.

FINALLY.. the most important bit, the photography! 

On your big day, I want to bring the best out of you, for everyone to relax, be comfortable and have a good time. To document the day so you, family and the friends can relive all the thoughts and feelings you experienced on that special day.

Perception is key! I’m adoptable in my approach because all couples and occasions are unique. I deliver what you need so you can forget about what you want. 

I would be more than happy to meet you, have a coffee, take the dog for a walk to get some pre-wedding photos, or to Skype, so we can talk about any questions or quires you might have. 

Drop me a message, send an email or give me a call!


Matt absolutely smashed it. He offers total professionalism while being laid back and relaxed. We could ask for anyone else!

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Highly recommend! Matt is a super nice guy, with a great eye for detail and an abundance of creativity in both his camera work and editing. Very happy customer indeed, will be using him again for sure!
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What ever style of wedding you might have, Matthew will be the one to capture it. He has a gentle approach which builds trust throughout the day. The photos looks incredible and they only took 2 weeks to arrive. 100% would recommend.

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The percentage bars below represents what a wedding day might be like.

Remember - Every wedding is unique.

Use this as a helpful tool when planning your big day!

Bridal Prep
0-18% 18%
18-30% 30%
30-45% 45%
Group Photos
45-55% 55%
Bride & Groom Photos
55-60% 60%
60-75% 65%
Wedding Breakfast
68-80% 68%
MORE Bride & Groom Photos
80-85% 80%
Cake Cutting
85-87% 85%
First Dance
87-90% 87%
90-100% 90%
100% 100%

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